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Neteye R series Recording Servers

XProtect RECORDING Soultion

Neteye Milestone sertifikat Complete recording solution
Neteye Milestone sertifikat Flexible storage options
Neteye Milestone sertifikat Easy implementation
Neteye Milestone sertifikat Exceptional support and delivery time
Neteye Milestone sertifikat Pre-installed Milestone VMS

Neteye N series NVR

Neteye R Series is ideal complete recording solution designed to provide reliable and high quality surveillance.

Neteye R Series network video recorders are easy to implement and they provide support for systems of all sizes, supporting flexible recording options. They ship with the Milestone XProtect recording component pre-installed and they are pre-configured with all the necessary settings to minimize implementation time.

Neteye podržava srpski jezik


Neteye L-serija uključuje licence video menadžment sistema


Neteye podržava preko 4000 uređaja


Neteye NVR je proračunat za 30 dana snimanja


NETEYE is 100%
plug&play appliance

Perfect partner

Neteye R Series recorders has been extensively tested to provide you with an affordable and complete recording solution with unmatched reliability. All hardware components, including discs, have been carefully selected to meet the requirements for reliable high 4K Ultra HD resolution recording. The R series recorders are easy to implement and they are intended to be used in installations of all sizes, from just a few to over 200 cameras per NVR, and gives you everything you need to ensure that each customer installation is completed in no time and hassle-free.

Neteye M-series

Unique to Neteye

In addition, with the Milestone integrated plug-in, unique to Neteye appliences only, the user gets a complete overview and state of the Neteye applience within the Milestone user interface where detailed alarms will occur describing the problem on the device.

And that's not all. All Neteye devices have installed media inside the case that contains a complete backup of the operating system and VMS software that is created automatically after the installation of the operating system and Milestone VMS is completed. Thereafter, a backup copy of the Milestone VMS software database is automatically written to the same medium once in 24 hours. This enables the complete operating system and Milestone VMS to be restored as soon as possible in the event of a system failure, and to ensure that all VMS software settings not older than 24 hours are restored.

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Neteye je Milestone sertifikovana solucija za ip video nadzor

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