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Neteye N series models

Video Surveilance Soultion

Neteye N10 series NVR

N10-1T (2TB installed, 1.5TB usable)
N10-3T (4TB installed, 3TB usable)
N10-6T (8TB installed, 6TB usable)
N10-10T (12TB installed, 10TB usable)

|    All in one solution
|    Suitable for 1 - 30 cameras
|    For XProtect Essential+ and Express+
|    3 years warranty

Neteye N10 video surveilance NVR
Neteye N30 series NVR

N30-3T (4TB installed, 3TB usable)
N30-6T (8TB installed, 6TB usable)
N30-13T (16TB installed, 13TB usable)
N30-20T (24TB installed, 20TB usable)

|    All in one solution
|    Suitable for 30 - 50 cameras
|    For XProtect Express+ and Professional+
|    3 years warranty

Neteye NVR for medium size installations
Neteye n50 series NVR

N50-4T (8TB installed, 4TB usable)
N50-8T (16TB installed, 8TB usable)
N50-17T (36TB installed, 17TB usable)
N50-26T (48TB installed, 26TB usable)

|    All in one solutionbr
|    Suitable for 50 - 80 cameras
|    For XProtect Expert and Corporate
|    Storage redunduncy
|    3 years warranty

Neteye N50 video surveilance NVR
Neteye N80 series NVR

N80-13T (20TB installed, 13TB usable)
N80-26T (40TB installed, 26TB usable)
N80-52T (80TB installed, 52TB usable)
N80-80T (120TB installed, 80TB usable)

|    All in one solution
|    Suitable for 80 - 200 cameras
|    For XProtect Expert and Corporate
|    Full system redunduncy
|    3 years warranty

Neteye N80 video surveilance NVR

TRUE performanse
TRUE Storage


Did you ever bought NVR declared for 30 cameras without detailed video stream specification? And once you attached 30 cameras, the whole system fall apart.

With new Neteye 2020 series we got verified for Milestone for different number of cameras. Due to Neteye fantastic optimization, quality hardware and most important, experience with integrators and end customers, we created NVR that excess Milestone verification data. By far.

With every Neteye NVR you can almost double the verified number of cameras.


We calculated all the bits and pieces related to bit calculation from HDD manufactures and Milestone necessary operational HDD buffer.

We took this result and deducted it from simple storage calculation (4 x 4 = 16TB? Not rely) and got real storage space value that you can rely on.

Now you can precisely calculate you storage needs.


Milestone verified

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