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NETEYE addons

Additional Neteye benefits for safe operation

NSP hardware protection add-on
Recovery Neteye module


The NETEYE development team has developed an integration (NSP plug-in) between the Neteye hardware components and the Milestone software based on their experience with the Milestone VMS platform. The hardware states of the components (temperature of processors, systems, fan, drives, power supply ...) are monitored. The plug-in allows you to create alarms and rules based on NETEYE events.

The integration plug-in enables monitoring of the hardware components of NETEYE network video appliances, also implements 5 event groups and 8 events that the user can use to create alarms or rules in Milestone.

NSP plug-in is available on whole Neteye range of appliances and including workstations.

With NSP running in the background, you can rest assured that your Neteye appliance is in perfect working condition and in case of any component malfunction, you will be immediately informed.

NSP hardware protection add-on


As usual, in modern data age, having backup of data is necessary. As usual, due to many reasons, many do not have backup. Since Milestone surveillance systems can be huge, not having backup means days of additional work during process of system recovery because work needs to be done manually.

We at Neteye have long and lot of experience that we gained during years. As a manufacturer of our own appliances, we isolated the problem with backup as one of the biggest ones. So, with Neteye 2020 we solved this serious problem by removing the need for users to create Milestone backup.

In every Neteye 2020 appliance there is additional storage media installed inside the appliance case. After Milestone software installation, Neteye recovery process is triggered and automatic backup starts to work on daily basis. Whole Milestone installation is included in backup (obviously, excluding recorded material). In case of system failure, Milestone recovery can be done in minutes. Recovery can be done only by Neteye authorised personal.

Netyey recovery